Photovoltaics for individual and business customers

The sun shines over our heads every month of the year, providing thermal energy to the various surfaces that surround us. Including our roofs. Why not use this free energy for our own needs? On the one hand, we benefit from free electricity, on the other hand, we contribute to taking care of our common good, which is the environment.

Pile driving and construction of photovoltaic farms

Pile driving is a service that involves driving steel structures into all types of soil. We have a fleet of Gayk self-propelled tracked machines that drive steel piles for photovoltaic structures in sandy soil, clay soil and solid rock. We are able to perform pile driving on any terrain. At the same time, we recommend all potential investors to have the soil tested by specialists or test drive a few piles in the investment area.

Modern heating systems: Heat pumps and infrared heating

Heat pumps are modern devices that are ecologically and economically used for heating buildings and domestic water. These are very convenient solutions, as they do not require the construction of dedicated boiler rooms. Temperature control can also be done remotely, via the Internet, or by entering commands on the device's display. Heat pumps are virtually maintenance-free, efficient and very easy to operate. They can also form part of modern smart buildings, the so-called “smart home.

Design documentation of photovoltaic farms

Deciding to cooperate with Ferro Wings, the investor receives support at every stage of the investment process. Geological assessment of the soil, economic analysis of the investment and its expected rate of return, the necessary technical documentation and comprehensive design of the investment are the main scopes of Ferro Wings' support. We take an individual approach to each project in order to provide the highest possible level of service.

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What affects the production of electricity from the sun? What are the benefits of the Smart Photovoltaic System?

Photovoltaic panels convert thermal energy from the sun into electricity in the form of direct current. In order for this production to be efficient, it is necessary to invest in monocrystalline solar panels with high efficiency and a high-quality inverter, which will be the brain of our entire power plant. Smart Photovoltaic Systems will optimize the operation of the entire system and extend its life.


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Wir bieten Photovoltaikmodule und Wechselrichter von europäischen Firmen an, und alles wird von unseren Teams installiert!


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Was beeinflusst die Erzeugung von Strom aus der Sonne? Was sind die Vorteile eines intelligenten Photovoltaiksystems?

Photovoltaikmodule wandeln die Wärmeenergie der Sonne in elektrischen Strom in Form von Gleichstrom um. Um diese Produktion effizient zu gestalten, müssen Sie in monokristalline Paneele mit hohem Wirkungsgrad und einen Wechselrichter der Spitzenklasse investieren, der das Gehirn unseres gesamten Kraftwerks sein wird. Intelligente Photovoltaiksysteme optimieren den Betrieb der gesamten Anlage und verlängern ihre Lebensdauer.




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